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Some bigfooters think they have captured footage of a baby bigfoot on video. Are they right? Or is it just a trick of light?. Source:. This is not an isolated incident but part of the Castro regime's pattern of repression which also includes an act of international state terrorism in which three U. S. citizens and one resident were extrajudicially executed on the Castro brothers' orders. I love those ship shape letters in the inspiration photo at Fusion this week! So I went with a letter theme and made a shaded panel of letters by using an alphabet diecut, some masking paper and Faded Jeans Distress Ink. How can you not love an ink called Faded Jeans? We all have that pair that we would never part with! Be inspired by the picture. or the sketch.

It's a while since I've done a review here, but there's a recently-released book I think you might enjoy as much as I did.

During my trip to The Battle of Ideas in October I was particularly drawn to a panel discussing The Busybody State featuring Josie Appleton of the Manifesto Club. I was hoping to buy her book, Officious: Rise of the Busybody State while I was there but had to mark time till the December launch, but it was worth the wait.

The blurb gives you a good indication of the content: In Anglo-Saxon countries there is a new and distinctive form of state: the busybody state.

Its insignias are the badge, the policy, the code and the procedure. This book analyses the logic of the busybody state, explains its origins, and calls for a popular alliance defending the free realm of civil society. Circus World. I would often watch the Togni Family while in rehearsal. Anderson, Charles Parker, Ira Watts and Pete Linderman from Seils Sterling. tell everybody in the Back Yard we're doin' a Third Show!. Furthermore a lot of these news programs are chock full of wasted time with useless stories, anchor banality and phony interaction with reporters doing live shots. The faux look of concern. Cold Hands, Warm Heart. Some of my favourite views: I shall return. when my hands thaw out and the Corner View Cafe has the coffee brewing! Please link to Port Bruce Still Alive and Well Photos GH. WASHINGTON — Child marriages are still happening in America, but a Maryland lawmaker is fighting back and has vowed to reintroduce her child marriage bill after it failed last year in the Maryland legislature. Maryland Del. More. The date numerology will usually sync up with the names and topics that buzz around the media daily. Lucie, FL. because he thought the owners were Muslims. Timoteo e Tito non erano israeliti, non appartenevano al Popolo eletto. Ambedue perciò impersonavano il primo grosso problema incontrato dalla Chiesa nascente. Egli rappresentava in qualche modo un punto d’incontro e d’intesa tra le due tendenze. Per rispetto al padre, la madre non l’aveva fatto circoncidere. When at the Attic Window Quilt Shop this past weekend, Diana told me that more new fabric had arrived. Since I was busy with Happy Scrappers, she took pictures and sent them to me. Above is Woodsy Wonders by Henry Glass. This is a panel of the same line. And this shows all the coordinating fabrics. And closeups of those luscious fabrics. Above is a panel for making a counting book. I think it is also part of the Woodsy Wonders line. They are by Robert Kaufmann. Julee's sketch this week is super fun and is sure to be one you use over and over. We can't wait to see what you create! To play along, make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Please use a direct link to your Mojo post and not just your blog. Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. scotoilandgas. For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read . VIP. VIP. VIP. COPY says to Doug_W Thought I was by myself. Mystery wasn't something hidden, but something we were invited into by God. That's the whole point of God's Plan, to bring us into his life. We often talk of mystery in our faith. If you listen, you'll hear the word a lot during the prayers of Mass. What does this mean? Think of someone flying over the surface of the ocean – from above, you'd see the water and the waves. But once you go below the surface, what you see? A whole new world – coral reefs in brilliant colors, fish and clams and other fascinating creatures. But you never see any of this unless you enter in. This is what we mean when we refer to "mystery" Lent starts this Wednesday – the point of Lent is to help us enter into the mystery of our own human nature, damaged by sin, as well as the mystery of God's plan of salvation, which culminated in Jesus Christ being born, living, teaching, healing – and then going to the Cross. Like that world below the surface of the water, we can miss it if we don't take time and effort to enter in. Lent gives us tools to do this. Nize ningazond' nize ningambekel' umeqo, Sulani izinyembez' nithobise izinhliziyo, Ningidilize emidlinzweni nasemicabangweni yezinqondo zenu, Ze nilibale izithembiso zami, , Ngicela ningixolele. Mackenzie H. In fifth grade, I wanted to do some kind of a lesson about art history that would still seem fresh and exciting to the kids. We then looked some parodies of these artworks with cartoon characters, Star Wars characters, extra that I found doing a few Google searches. We also watched some music parodies of popular songs from YouTube. This helped us to understand that listeners/viewers would not recognize the original work if it were not very famous or if too many alterations had been made. The kids chose a masterpiece to work with and created visual parodies based on them. I have thought about writing this blog post for many years. But ultimately I think it might lead to a helpful discussion and so here goes. As you might know, part of my mission as an artist and blogger is to showcase the work of other artists. Inspirational Quote of the Day: If your parents didn't have any children, there's a good chance that you won't have any. " - Clarence Day If your parents didn't have any children, there's a good chance that you won't have any. The sun is out and the day is heating up. Rocky totems standing tall and vast expanse of beach calls us onto the shore. CHANNEL: No chance of surf as of now but may improve as the day moves forward. " - Abraham Lincoln Overcast and cooling though predicted to remain dry. Winds remain at bay and swells begin a trade off as one departs and another fills in.

Get it early during the lower tides as the afternoon weather holds no promises.

CHANNEL: A drop in size though shape seems to hold. Bended lefts bolstered by bright sunlight both beckons and blinds. Darlings, here are the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Sevan Bicakci Lotus triple-drop earrings, at barneys. Kenzo Kalifornia leather shoulder bag, at mytheresa. "Ms. At least she agrees with Wayne. Big mistake with her, Mr. President. As the opportunistic ingrate showed you. Carbonara is an Italian pasta dish from Rome made with eggs, cheese, bacon, and black pepper.

Eggs and Parmesan cheese act as a thickener to make a creamy sauce for this pasta.

The eggs will cook as the mixture is stirred into the hot spaghetti. To thin out the sauce, add a bit of reserved pasta water. They are not cooked to the point of scrambled though, just enough to thicken the eggs into a sauce. The garlic is optional. Trump week after next. Dinar Recaps Many of us were hoping that Trump would speed up the RV. He may not have done that, but rest assure he isn't going to let it be delayed. He's put pressure on getting rid of ISIS both in Mosul and in Raqqa. I see the Trump effect particularly in Raqqa and in Yemen.

However, he hasn't sped up the RV yet.

Three more weeks at this pace, and ISIS is no longer in power in Mosul. Then it's de-Bombing and clean up, house to house security, Round up time. However, these efforts are failing on all fronts and more and more prominent Satanists are disappearing. The fiercest battles are raging in Washington DC where the Satanists are pushing "the Russians did it!" story to remove attorney General Jeff Sessions and prevent arrests of child killing politicians. Another sign that things have really begun to change is that legal action has now begun against the private sector prison slave camps being run in the US. The counter-attack by the Satanists in the US is being orchestrated by the Rothschilds and the Bush/Clinton mafia who have unleashed their top servants like former President Barack Obama and Amazon's Jeff Bezos against the Trump regime. Last week, Obama announced he was setting up an anti-Trump headquarters with adviser Valerie Jarret two miles from the White House. This move was followed by Trump tweets accusing "bad or sick guy" Obama of illegally wiretapping him. .