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Sam Levenson said "You must learn from the mistakes of others.

You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. By Edward A. Rainen Reviewing the records in Probate Court is an important part of every real estate title examination for either purchase or mortgage financing. The typical post-title examination probate check concerning the current owners provides necessary title information about deaths, divorces, the appointment of guardians or conservators, equity suits, name changes, and petitions for partition. This information does not need to be recorded in the Registry of Deeds in order to affect title and the probate files are the sole source of this information, without which title cannot be certified to the owner or lender. By contrast, probates pre-dating the current owner contain critically important information for today's title examinations. Certainly, the current owner in the chain of title for a piece of property must be checked in the Probate, Divorce and Equity indices in the Probate Court for the county where the property is located. For the focal point, I put together two of the Palm Prints leaves with a sentiment from Latin Motifs. For contrast and to highlight the sentiment, I added some Raspberry Fizz ribbon behind. More info HERE. Hello, Ribbon Lovers! I'm back today with more Schoolhouse Vintage Valentine Cards and Tags. With the Day of Love just a week away, I know we are all looking for some last minute Valentines that are quick and easy to make. That way, I can just reach in and grab papers that go well with my images and quickly cut them to fit my card base. .