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iStarUSA S-35-3DE1BK Black Compact Stylish 3x 3.5"" Hotswap Trayless mini-ITX Tower

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Less is more ya know.

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Marco Rubio is the adult in the room.

Rubio makes some great points.

And it's a circus, albeit one not likely to produce much merriment. Who then are the lions and acrobats? Which of them is the clown? Naturally, Gareth Snell has roared into action. Labour were all over the constituency from the very moment Tristram Hunt declared Trexit and, as I've observed before, the party has a formidable machine and a real weight in the constituency that will be tough for its opponents to crack. That hasn't stopped people from outside the constituency who can't find Stoke without the aid of Google Earth have tried explaining to me that the local party couldn't have selected a less suitable candidate. .