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For today's post, I am going to share what I ate this last week for breakfast, lunch & dinner, plus reveal my strategies I use when meal planning. I suppose I could have shared that on my previous post, which talks about meal planning and grocery shopping. From the Squatch Master - a return visit to the location where two years prior he captured video of what he believes was a bigfoot creature watching him from behind the trees.

A lot of people believe bigfoot live in caves.

A researcher found an interesting cave in the remote mountains of Arkansas, plenty big enough for a bigfoot. Check it out:. From the Swamp Dweller youtube channel: Tater has encountered Dogman twice in his life. The first time him and bob saw the dogman they shot at it thinking it was a coyote! Turns out it was much worse! This time, Tater gets an up close look at the terrifying Dogman with a chain around it's neck?!. from someone with a lot of background. He had lived at taxpayer expense for roughly one-third of that life. This was my first encounter with R' Eliyhau Greensweig. My friend did not exaggerate in any way. The whole meal I simply sat there drooling at the wall-to-wall seforim library. Later I learned this was only part of his library. This was a collection which I had never before seen the likes of.

From that Shabbas, I began visiting him every few weeks and we would speak for a few hours about different topics and seforim.

His vast knowledge was, simply put, incredible. Two brothers were arrested Tuesday, charged with home invasion robbery. m. He told them two men had just robbed him and pistol whipped him with a black semi-automatic handgun. Hi there, it's Tanja here and I would like to show you this colorful Birthday Card. I colored the image with ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Pens, Distress Markers and a damp watercolor brush. I created my own background using small images from different stamp sets. For more information on the creation of this Card visit my Blog Little Art Cottage. You'll find Sir Carl Clown and so many other wonderful images including Monthly Specials and Freebies in the A Day for Daisies Shop. Make sure to join our Challenge "Two or more Layers" right here on the ADFD Blog.

Have a day for daisies.

Yours,. It was nice to actually have a request for this subject. It's one I've done quite a number of times, but never tire of. At least not yet. Now I've got to get going on a piece for Arcadia. Hopefully I'll be back at the easel at work on what ever that will be in the next day or so. I know! It's been a couple of months since I did a Kit Page for The Scrapbook Diaries. Hi All! So I'm back with another video tutorial. I always try to get in and read all the feedback on my tutorials and one of the things I've been asked a few times is if I'd consider narrating on my tutorials. Well, I'm one of those people who can't stand the sound of their own voice. When I get nervous my voice is low, my throat gets dry. thank goodness that's over!. She conducted her project on avian gut passage times to predict which bird species would best disperse seeds into degraded forest if reintroduced to Guam. Check out the article about Kloe in the Saipan Tribune here: Strong work, Kloe!!. This is their idea of PIX having an identity, a face of the station? Please. We've talked about this for a long time here.

Only problem is that if this is under serious consideration KPIX has more problems that I thought.

Le chien est le meilleur ami de l'homme. I'm struck by Carrier's unquesitons self-confidence when he opines about technical fields in which he has no expertise.

He doesn't have a doctorate in cosmology or astrophysics or biology or any cognate disciplines.

Like most of us, he has a layman's understanding of science. If he hurts anyone, let's hope she's sued. Meaning anyone who opposes the national socialists is a Nazi. SPLC said it, WaPo believes it, that settles it. In an aggressive move to back up its support for President-elect Trump, the National Rifle Association on Tuesday vowed to take out Democrats and others trying to "sabotage his administration. and refusing to acknowledge "immigration" and the "pathway to citizenship" as fundamental threats to that "single issue" help?. A few days ago, my recurring feature Body Shots included a studio photo of one Danny Ramons. Never having featured Ramons here before, I thought I'd make up for it by giving him his own solo feature.

Ramons has the word Juicy on the back side of his red ring gear and if you want to know why he calls himself The Juicy One, watch this: Cherry Ramons calls for Musica! Watch him wrestle Kody Lane here and Dominick Dallas Star here.

For further information on these Scams, please Read . Then I slept. I guess I was meant to wait for a calming of the seas and cooler heads to prevail. Here is the post: Let me depart from the predictable screaming, shouting, beating of the chest and gnashing of teeth that has been displayed here on DC. I was never one to follow the crowd anyway.

So let me guess! Are all if not most of those protesting loudly, from the proud card carrying membership of what is being referred to as the "white" race?.

CC started with prayer/shofar. I'm going to try my best to explain some things to you family. Monday … the topic was the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION LAW.

It's important … they bragged about it … it's another item for the MR for the PREPARATION.

Houston … do we have a problem for launch? No … all systems are go. Why haven't we launched yet. treasury department. hey it could happen it would be nice. before we know it third quarter will sneak upon us waiting dinarians any we may still be waiting. but thank you. World Gold Council announced a rise in world reserves of gold a month in February, indicating that Iraq maintained a fifth of the Arab world's reserves rank. You do not have Mnt Goat permission to use any of her news letters for any reason without a specific written permission. This is a crime and is an illegal action. Legal repercussions and remedies will be pursued against any and all violators. Don't you worry she will find you and hunt you down. I bring you much news today. As an academic, you'd think he would not be unusual in being able to deliver profound analysis like that, but then tobacco control is an abnormal discipline full of grifters, chancers and snake oil salesmen which, I suppose, is why it came as such a delightful surprise. I promised that I'd also write up the balloon debate that followed which was sumptuously-ladelled with levity and brought peals of laughter out of the room. So here's a quick rundown of what I took from it. The format was three minutes for each advocate to extol the virtues of why they consider their chosen nicotine delivery device to be the most pleasurable. In front of a well-oiled audience, they all did their best and raised many a chuckle. First up was Andrew Stewart who made the case for pipe smoking. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Hello my dearest!!!! I cannot tell you how busy I'm at this time of the year. Nashville is the first week end of March but I'll be very busy in teaching in US before and after market. So today I want to show you a little bit of my news. The first picture is about a new design for my Spring collection and it'll be one of the new six I'll have in Nashville. Soft, fine and so easy to stitch on. Nate Silver wants his fellow Leftists to understand that the liberal media bubble does indeed exist. It's what blinded them from seeing that Hillary Clinton was in danger of losing the election. It's what left them utterly blindsided by Trump's victory. So are we supposed to be impressed by Silver's revelations? If we are, I'm not. Liberal media bubble? You're kidding! I had no idea! Thanks, Nate, for enlightening me. And yet the Times, famous for its "to be sure" equivocations, wasn't even contemplating the possibility of a Trump victory. JIMMY FALLON: I saw that this morning Trump spoke at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D. C. , marking the first presidential speech that was broadcast with a seven second delay. 'Just in case. ' Actually, Trump went on a tour of the African American Museum with Ben Carson. Things got awkward at each exhibit when Trump would turn to Carson and say, 'Friend of yours?'.

The New York State Bar Association, and Legal.

Interestingly, the developers of this new platform have been reported to describe it "as a more ethical alternative to privately run referral sites such as Avvo. " It will serve New York residents seeking legal help as well as businesses anywhere seeking advice on New York law. Law Sites has more information here. After her talk "My Story in Stitch" on Friday evening, Helen Sargent followed up with a very interesting and relaxing workshop. We were shown all sorts of methods for creating a simple landscape using various media and methods. .