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Join the Center for Teaching and Learning and our Guest Presenter, Dr. Dr. Robin Throne has advised successful dissertation research studies over the past decade across many disciplines. She is an educational methodologist and co-author of the School of Education's Situated Dissertation Advising Framework that is founded on Lave and Wenger's situated learning theory. Dr. Neki Desu jakoi blogissaan japanilaisen Takashi Hirukawan videon väritattaren eli japanilaisen indigon matkasta pellolta sadonkorjuusta lehtien fermentointiin ja siitä saatavan sukumoksi kutsutun käyneen kasvimassan käytöstä väriliemeksi ja lankojen ja kankaiden värjäykseen. Minunkin täytyy jakaa tämä mielenkiintoinen video. Linkki videoon alla. Japan Blue Aizome Neki Desu shared in her blog a video made by Takashi Hirukawa about Japan blue Aizome process from plants in the field through fermentation and making a vat to final blue fabric. Watch: Best halftime show Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. While going over game cam footage, Robert Dodson caught some strange vocalizations and occurrences. Check it out: . A Midland ISD Police Sergeant was arrested on domestic violence charges, that's according to Midland Police Spokesperson Rachel Walker. The investigation has been handed over to Midland ISD police, we've reached out to Midland ISD for further information but have yet to hear back. Legendary investor Jim Rogers joins us this month to discuss Fed policy, the dollar and gold. Thank you to everyone who participated. Below, please see the questions, the answers and reasoning. Which of the following is NOT a Core Value of NACAC's SPGP: Professionalism Education Collaboration Social Responsibility All are core values of SPGP Answer: E. She also makes fanciful characters and imaginative scenes. No matter the season or Holiday, Bridget always has something enchanting to share. In celebration of St. D. I. D.


S. D. I.

The talk is lead by Kate Watts, the lead wildlife biologist for the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge.

Her discussion, titled "From Zapata to Duval Street," highlights the interesting behavior of the White Crowned Pigeon. The discussion will also include ways to help conserve these impressive birds. The white-crowned pigeon is a rare and threatened bird. Deforestation of hardwood mangroves throughout the keys make nesting difficult for the white-crowned pigeon. Luckily, the Key West National Wildlife Refuge offers a sanctuary for these birds. Textile artworks are often presented unframed in gallery exhibitions. There is a wonderful tactility about a piece of textile art that isn't imprisoned behind glass, however in my experience framing can be a good way to present delicate textile work and remove possible buyer barriers. This choice to frame my work is a very conscious one for both practical and conceptual reasons and I believe this way of presenting my work have contributed to the success of my art business. When I first started creating my embroidered sculptures I would often display them by pinning the embroideries directly to the gallery walls, or stitching them onto canvases. While these pieces looked great and people seemed to love them, they rarely sold. Feedback I received from galleries was that people were concerned about how to hang or clean the work in their own homes and were tentative to take on artwork that wasn't in a 'standard format'. Potential customers seemed to be disappointed that they couldn't just take the artwork home and easily hang it on their walls. Down on numbers this week due to chief blogger being away. Heres the highlights of this week. Francis Ng and Jessie Li play a couple Francs Ng goes into grandpa mode courtesy of on. His relationship with Goo Jai even left a deep impression with the jury. The film at the end of last year held mystery advanced screenings and had decent response. Hattie and Peter Lund connected on an NYC message board. They struck up an anonymous cyber relationship until they both figured out who the other was and their cyber relationship converted to an "IRL" relationship. It isn't until the very end that it is revealed that the killer was Hattie's boyfriend, the boyfriend she kept around to keep people from guessing about her and Peter Lund. Sheriff's detectives are looking for help to identify a man they want to talk to in connection with a vehicle theft at the Key West airport. The owner / driver of the vehicle parked in the one hour parking lot and left the keys inside. The driver arranged for the jeep to be picked up later in the morning. m.

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They may be in particular necessary to the ones that possibly don't have any credit history or perhaps they feature quite dreadful credit score documents while payday cash lenders tend not to operate appraisals of creditworthiness. After the sit-up on the ring curb, Dalilah would dismount, style on the front track and "Charlie" would return and escort her out the back door. Mr. Feld thought it was the best part part of the act. On its website, the TSA says employees "use the back of the hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body. In limited cases, additional screening involving a sensitive area pat-down with the front of the hand may be needed to determine that a threat does not exist. Gull Roosts were frustrating again this afternoon. Poor numbers of birds came in early. Notables were all at WRes. The exotic-erotic dance performances in the special features folder are full strength Euro-trashy, more Eurocine than Jess Franco. The main problem I have with the film itself is the beefy Spanish actor who plays Dr.

A horror film is as good as its villain and this has one of Franco's most uninteresting villains.

French, Italian theatrical trailersBelow: alternate scene included in the French version featuring a different actress as the first victim of Andros, who is also portrayed by a body double. Laughing kookaburras usually lay three eggs that hatch asynchronously. Brood reduction occurs in nearly half of all broods and always affects the youngest nestling. In most cases, the youngest nestling is killed within a few days of hatching by aggressive attacks from its older siblings. These mechanistically and temporally distinct episodes of brood reduction were associated with very different patterns of growth in the senior nestlings. These differences in nestling growth may have longer-term fitness consequences, because kookaburra fledging weight is positively associated with both juvenile survival and successful recruitment into the breeding population. Therefore, although parents of broods without mortality produce the highest number of fledglings and also the highest number of independent juveniles, if parents are unable to raise a full brood, early siblicide may represent the best brood reduction option. Early siblicide is at least associated with high quality young that have enhanced survival and recruitment prospects. Son taking g-son to soccer tourney and gdaughter has a sleep over to go to so. take it in. We watched Katelyn and Joseph for a weekend. maybe helping Grandma. I was just shocked. Horribly shocked. While out there KK saw this Mink eating a hen! So he ran and got a gun, resulting in a DEAD mink! I was so so happy we killed it! Now my chickens should be safe! The murderer and his victims I also bleached my barn in preparation for another milk cow!. Trump. Because we realize it's better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country to him. In a way that will probably appeal to him the most. Arjen Lubach remixes the current week in thirty minutes, melt-covered stories and breaking news is whole again. From Bellevue Theatre in Amsterdam Sunday with Lubach, as good as news. Version with English subtitles:. I started off thanking the members who told me the lines are up, since I started this call without realizing the recorder was not on. Thanks to the members who have kept up, and even the quiet ones who never say anything, and especially to all the information people. Now I can't read through, but a few on this Love-haunting list, without sobbing in Love-relief, so it's almost as good for me, as crying in movies alone, that had replaced any other human family, before now. Now I am keeping weekly lists of posts, not just Bright Orange Day Lilly beauties, as if counting, all the weekly things happening continually, since the inauguration, that we may be unknowingly, and increasingly Ascension Glad-about?I am discovering that, more careful reading of every post, seems as if there are many Lovely posts I was ignoring, but overall, I believe, that so many other Spirit Lovers, like me, have, also increased their Light-bodies too. Imagine forming a list on whether Bright Day Lilies make me cry, but sometimes I want to go back and re-read my favorite ones, just in case there are more tears inside to wash away my Duality shame. I Love Phlox perennials the best, because they last a while at the end of summer, but once I realized Day Lilies only present for ONE DAY, it occurred to me that that's how every post is so precious, that 'any' tears are worth what anyone can say, from a whole Truth-lifetime in One beautiful Lilly Heart-past. .