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" In an interview with ABC News as he was winding down his Wii Fit workout, Armey spoke frankly and at length about his dispute with FreedomWorks, his eyebrow raising consulting contract, and the strategy of the Republican Party.

"Wii Fit workout" is apparently Beltway street lingo for "fifth of Bombay gin", but whatever. The Washington Post this week detailed what it called a coup Armey tried to pull off at FreedomWorks in September with the help of gun carrying aide after his relationship with FreedomWorks' president, Matt Kibbe, became hostile. While Armey disputes the description of using an armed aide to conduct a coup, he admits that he agreed to leave FreedomWorks as part of a deal with Richard Stephenson, president of the for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America. An incredible NEW addition to the Retro Entertainment series just arrived from Mattel! These models bring the futuristic vehicles from the HALO game to life. Each replica also includes amazing graphics on the packaging which make it unique. Alle nostre istanze hanno fatto seguito impegni e promesse che si sono tradotte puntualmente in un nulla di fatto, mentre oltre la cortina delle bugie istituzionali assistiamo a un costante smantellamento dei nostri servizi sanitari. Considering that the SAPS is now leveling a veiled threat at firearm owners with expired licence cards, through the baseless claim that those who surrender their firearms will not be prosecuted, the matter can only be seen as a disingenuous sub-judice attempt by the SAPS to intimidate and coerce firearm owners into surrendering their property before the case is even heard by the courts. There are all kinds of lessons to be learned here.

In other words, she does not support the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

She prefers so-called "gun free zones," with prohibitions backed up by the force of law. And if anyone attacks? The outdoor guards are expected to head home to their families in the event of a disaster. Calm, dry and sunny this morning so the lakeside path was very busy. At Seckar Wood there was a yellowhammer calling from an oak on the heathland and another bird was returning the call. It will be a refreshing change if the investigation is honestly conducted.

Aside from being able to get away with it, he had so much going for him.

Hello fellow quilters. I just wanted to touch base. Not much going on at my house. I did finish a scrap quilt this morning.

It is all quilted and bound.

Only once this picture was taken did I realize something is wrong with these blocks. Oh, well, too late now. It was a fun way to use up some of my scraps, even when I had to do so much unstitching. This is a close up of the block and binding.

He may even be posting by tomorrow! I will give you more news as I get it.

Bucks seem to be grouping back up and are hammering the food plots the last month. We keep checking our trail cameras to see when they will be dropping their antlers. Even my wife Brook just said last week she is looking forward to shed hunting this year! Having good food available for the deer herd in January and February in my opinion is very important to deer hunting success in November. January was a very mild but dry month, February is also very mild but not quite as dry. This has been my shortest ice fishing season to date. The Bar is Open Here it is Friday already, things up here in Mooresville are moving along very well. The bathrooms are going back together, new range and microwave is installed. All and all, things are progressing very well. The final steps going on all around the house, slow detail work that just takes time. There is no way around it if you want the results to be good and the place salable. The bar is back in place and the we got to sit down and tip a little bit of rum on Tuesday night. Marta and I had a couple of well deserved rum cocktails. It brought back good memories of the times in there when we lived her eleven years ago. Contact us for Details and Process for AMC Engineering College Bangalore - B. Tech Bangalore. The institute belongs to Bangalore University & VTU and approved by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi. The college believes in providing a high quality education to the future professionals of the country for which necessary quality bench marks have been put in place in the areas of faculty recruitment, training and development, teaching and learning process, students grooming, external academic audits and feedback system for corrective measures. Contact us for Details and Process for AMC Engineering College Bangalore - B. Tech Bangalore. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and why not add the trend to your stampin? Just take a blank piece of white cardstock and some black ink and a line art stamp set of your choice. Start stamping the images randomly all over the front of the cards. I used a Aqua painter to add just a touch of color to the flowers and the bumble bee. The other card is how it looks before you color it. I used the Happy framelit and adhered it to the front of the card. Take a look at your stamps sets and give this a whirl. The more of a line art design the better. Then just fill it in with a little bit of color. As I wrote before that, after a series of TROs imposed by various federal district courts upon the President's Executive Order - without any reasoning or legal analysis - a federal district court in the State of Massachusetts refused to prolong the previously granted temporary restraining order upon President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration, in a well-reasoned decision. I also wrote that a federal court in the district of Washington then did impose a TRO nationwide, practically overruling the Massachusetts federal district court, for which the Washington federal district court had no authority - because the Washington federal district court and the Massachusetts district court were within different appellate jurisdictions. Here are:the petition attorney Susan Cohen and other attorneys of record have filed in the U. .