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Brigitte Bailey - Whist Faux Vest (Brown) Women's Vest

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The dress is a new mesh and the shoes are a conversion from city living.

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I had a long sleeved wool jersey on and a base layer up top with a pair of bib tights on. Now this is mid February and I was originally thinking that this was so awesome. I mean, generally it is very snowy at this time of year, cold, and often we get these "Alberta Clippers". It has been more like mid-March instead of February at all. The snow trails for fat biking have turned to ice and mush. Off road riding is off limits for the time being. It just got warm enough for the roadies to break out their rigs. Gravel roads are perfect right now. Not that there was anything wrong with this. The price was amazing for a folding bead, top construction non-tubeless tire.

I know that many of you will be talking to your students about physical characteristics and differences this week.

Some of these conversations may be unplanned, between Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday and the inauguration on Friday, children are certain to be hearing things that they don't understand or need help processing. I wanted to tak a minute to pass along an article that I read a couple of weeks ago that offers great advice for handling these touch topics.

Take a minute to head over to Edutopia and read Teaching Young Children about Bias, Diversity, and Social Justice.

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I think everyone pretty much agrees it will still rise from there. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. It's my understanding that the Chinese Elders are not connected to the government. He says "What if Dinar Chronicles itself is a psy-op, set up from the get go to mislead us?". And- "I don't think it is, but how would we know?" So, let's address that. The answer is- it doesn't matter. There is a core group present here that understands / knows that our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are creative and influence the reality that we experience. "Group" is the WRONG NAME for us. It confuses people. Just so this is very clear. The people who are holding Currency, and are ready to go exchange it are in two categories. These people know about the exchange centers, the appointment plan, etc. .