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Tubeless tires are really a great idea for bicycles.

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It really wasn't necessary.

However in response, I just wanted to make a few points. I'm not entirely sure it was my post that you read or responded to. Yes I am free to opine here on this site, that is why I am doing so. Perhaps you feel that you should be allowed to agenda-set, gate-keep and determine who should and shouldn't be allowed to post here. I don't need your permission. Nor do I need your assurances that my feelings are relevant. Lol! I wasn't sharing my feelings, those were my thoughts. You may remember that last month was the closing date for an EU consultation on the taxation of manufactured tobacco products. The EU being the meddling EU, this naturally included their initial fumbling towards abusing e-cigs by taxing those too. despite the devices and the liquid not containing any "manufactured tobacco" whatsoever. The first results of the consultation have now been made available here, and there are some interesting discussion points. Because on the subject of e-cigs especially, the answer to the EU's suggestion of adding tax to vaping was pretty emphatic. The current Aus Federal Greens leader Dr Di Natale, a lot more telemarketable than the prune face he replaced, was trying in vain to make sense of the SA debacle where they have launched a drive to renewables for electric energy based on solar and more problematically, wind. Something that has happened too often lately so now the talk is of storing energy. What could possibly go wrong. Not long to go now and Perpetual motion will be proposed. As a child with zero understanding of the fixed laws of physics I could not understand why someone had not harnessed gravity with a wheel and moving weights. Doggy Little, Form three physics,soon proved how it could never happen. Poor old SA already has the dearest power in the nation but morons like Weatheral and Di Natale still think like Canute, they can stop the tides and enough voters still believe them.

Not the quality of the rugby.

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