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It's the best drama in my life. The male leads are handsome so it's nice watching them. On New Year's Eve, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has dealt a blow to a bipartisan bill seeking to ensure constitutionally required effective assistance of counsel for criminal defendants and removal of funding for such criminal defense from counties to the state, see, for example, an article about the New York State House passing the bill. Here is how the bill was passing through New York State Senate, to see the full text of the bill, check the box "text" when you follow the link The bipartisan bill was introduced, and passed through both chambers of the New York State Legislature, in response to a settlement in a class action against several upstate counties that could not provide counsel to indigent criminal defendants at arraignments.

Instead, a month ago Cuomo signed into law another bill providing for a "group counsel" at arraignments - who will perfunctorily appear at arraignments of all criminal defendants horded into one court and will trigger for them the time for discovery and motions, while providing no meaningful assistance, since the measure did not provide additional funding and would not relieve the overload.

The vetoed bill would have required to shift at least a part, if not all, funding of indigent criminal defense in the state from counties that have to raise property taxes and foreclose on homes of people who cannot pay them in order to satisfy the mandate to fund criminal defense. So, money and power. Yet, the solution is quite on the surface - it is already contained in the U. .