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3.5mm Stereo Plug to 2 x 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) Mono Jack Splitter Adapter - Gold Plated

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The event invited Jia Zhangke to be this year's Asian Film Award jury president, Lam Ka Yun would be the celebrity jury member, Taiwan actor Cheng Jen-Shuo would be the "Asian Film Award Academy Student Ambassador" to promote Asian films.

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Good morning, Breaking news. Park became the first president to be impeached.

South Koreans have been deeply divided between those who were for the impeachment, and against.

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New jobs and the number of people re-entering the workforce are on the rise.

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Show us your sources and methodologies for determining this WILL NOT result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts.

Show us how this WILL NOT result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts, and reverse gains made to date. The sudden passing of Justice Scalia, and the precarious balances of the Heller and McDonald decisions, ought to drive home for all how dangerously critical that is. Notice I didn't ask you for platitudes, or for anecdotes about exceptions to the rule, or about who is turning up in increasing numbers at gun stores and ranges – that doesn't matter if you can't point to a corresponding overriding shift in voting trends. .